M  A  S  T  E  R  I  N  G  


What happens?   Your mix loads  into Sequoia Digital Audio Workstation, which hosts plugins by Algorithmix, Universal Audio, PSP and many more.  

 Most of my masters are created in the analog domain.   It starts with Sequoia's playback fed into a Bricasti M1 that converts your digital mix into analog.   The M1 acts as a  "Play Head” that feeds into a Crookwood R3 insert router that houses a number of analog EQ's and Compressors, which are available at the push of a button. In any order I want. 

The best  sounding combination of gear is selected for a given song, and when a song is properly dialed in, it is recorded back into the computer.  For this step I use Lavry or Prism analog to digital converters.  This acts the 'Record Head' back into the digital domain.   After all songs have been recorded the song spacing and transitions are set.  The master bounce is then exported to Saracon for final Sample Rate Conversion and Dithering.

This is my basic work flow.  Sometimes I keep things all digital.  Sometimes I pass the signal through only converters, a short cable and transformers. Sometimes I have every analog box active in the chain.  I never know until I begin.



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digital & vinyl mastering by timothy stollenwerk  Portland Oregon.