W e l c o m e   t o   S t e r e o p h o n i c   M a s t e r i n g 

Audio mastering glues an album together. It is the canvas your music is presented on. When done correctly there's no need to adjust your playback volume or boost/cut the treble or bass from song to song. A properly mastered record is loud enough for an ipod and dynamic enough to keep it exciting. And most importantly it will translate well to any system -- regardless if using earbuds or large speakers.

I began my career as a sound engineer in 1991 and have worked as a full-time mastering engineer since 2003. I have more than ten thousand hours under my belt as a mastering engineer.  I've never married, I don't mix records, I don't record records, I don't play in a band and I have never had kids.   Mastering is my one and only focus. It is my talent and passion; an art I am forever perfecting!

Timothy Stollenwerk