R  A  T  E  S

$80 Single song minimum fee.  

$140 Two-song EP  / 7 inch


$60 per-song album approach. Three or more songs up to ~4 minutes each.  Price matrix breaks down if there are many short songs  and / or few long songs.  

Mastering for vinyl adds $5-$10 / song. 

Apple Digital Masters $5 / song (Mastered for iTunes)

Instrumentals / Radio Edit / A Capella, etc. $20 / song. 

DDPi for CD production $20

Restoration / Noise Reduction / Forensic Service $100 / hour


*Price includes mastering revisions and high resolution Wave / MP3 masters*

Optional 10% off for students/starving artists. Contact for details. 


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digital & vinyl mastering by timothy stollenwerk  Portland Oregon.