R  A  T  E  S

$100 Single song minimum fee. 

Includes 44.1khz 16bit WAV CD Resolution and 320kbps MP3s

Price includes the first 2 sets of mastering revisions. 

Additional cost may apply after


Please fill out our contact form or give us a call for a quote on 2 or more songs.

Single song mastering starts at $100 per single.

This price lowers when the song count increases.

A typical 10 song album comes in around $700 with half to begin.

Instrumentals /alt version are a flat $30 each if mastered at the same time as the main mix.


Please contact my assistant Brittany for a more detailed quote.

Stereophonic Mastering offers the following:

4416 Cd Resolution (Included with all masters)

High Resolution Masters  
24bit WAV for HI-RES streaming   

Apple Digital Masters Mastered for iTunes 
Includes HI-RES 24bit WAV 

Mastering for vinyl 

Stem-Mastering (Mastering instrumental and vocals with independent control)

Instrumentals / Radio Edit / A Capella, etc. 

DDPi for CD production

Restoration / Noise Reduction / Forensic Service

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