T i m o t h y   J .  S t o l l e n w e r k  

My name is Timothy, and I have  been independently mastering music since 2003. 


Essential to Stereophonic Mastering is a commitment to learn, evolve, and perfect my studio setup and skills in order to provide the best mastering services I can possibly offer.


I recognized audio engineering to be a  passion during high school when recording the music of the band me and my brother were both apart of. After graduating, I invested in gear and helped create a grassroots audio recording business with a friend, Kevin Arndt, called Treehouse in Waukesha, Wisconsin. With Treehouse in the mid-90s is when I got my first hands-on experience with professional audio engineering.


After moving to Portland, Oregon in 1998 my obsession with music mastering began. Pivoting from audio recording to audio mastering, Stereophonic Mastering was born in the dining room of a house I lived in. 

In 2013 I purchased my own home in North Portland and built a studio on site, running some of the finest in analog and digital technology.   


Over the years I have mastered more than 1,700 titles (including a Grammy nominated album) for musicians, artists and record labels both locally and around the world, in a variety of genres from folk, gospel, rock, alternative, electronic, pop, classical, rap, etc..  


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 est. 2003   Portland, OR 

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digital & vinyl mastering by timothy stollenwerk  Portland Oregon.