T i m o t h y   J .  S t o l l e n w e r k  

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My name is Timothy, and I have  been independently mastering music since 2002.


Mastering is all I do. It is my talent and passion; an art I'm forever perfecting.


I discovered audio engineering during high school. My brother and I recorded boombox into boombox as a way to multi-track our band's music. Later a good friend loaned me his Fostex four-track recorder, which gave me my first real taste of what's possible.   


After graduating in 1991 I skipped out on college and took out a loan for $3,000 to buy a Sony DAT machine, microphones, and Tascam multi-track recorder. This modest start lit the spark of my current path and journey.


My shift from recording / mixing to mastering began after moving to Portland, Oregon in 1998. At that same time I got my first computer and was then able to work with digital audio.


Stereophonic Mastering was born in 2002 in the dining room of a shared house, and for the next decade I went on to master more than a thousand titles there.  In 2013 I purchased a house in North Portland, and built a studio on site where I'm currently running some of the finest in analog and digital technology available. 


Over the years I've had the honor to master more than 2,000 titles (including a Grammy nominated album) for a wide variety of musicians, artists and musical styles both locally and around the world. I feel endless gratitude to all of those who have entrusted me with their art. 


My goal is to engage and captivate the listener so that they want to listen again and again, hearing something new each time, no matter what system it's played on.


I'm excited for what the future may bring!


-Timothy Stollenwerk