M A S T E R I N G   G E A R 

I am an artist, engineer and audiophile at heart.  For my entire career I've reached for the best sounding gear I could afford.   Starting with bookshelf speakers and  found software in the 90's, to today running state of the art gear by Chord, Bricasti, Prism, and Lavry. 

Listed below are my tools - the paints and brushes I create with.    My options span from pristine transparency to heavy analog vibe.  What would you like to hear?


  • Barefoot Sound MiniMain12

  • Audeze LCD-4z

  • Grace Design M905

  • Sifam VU Meters

  • Mytek DDD-603

  • RME



  • Bricasti

  • Lavry

  • Prism Sound

  • Chord


  • Custom Crookwood Console. My 'mixing board" for these analog boxes:

  • Pendulum OCL-2

  • Pendulum PL-2

  • Maselec MPL-2

  • Tube-Tech SMC-2B

  • API 2500

  • Langevin Mini Massive

  • MCI JH110C (MARA)

  • Rega p5 / Dynavector 10x

  • Bel Canto Pre-amp

  • Equi-Tech balanced power


  • Magix Sequoia and Samplitude

  • Weiss EQ1-MKII

  • Weiss Saracon

  • Algorithmix

  • Universal Audio

  • FabFilter

  • DMG Audio

  • PSP Audioware

  • Softube

Stereophonic Mastering is curated for and operated solely by Timothy Stollenwerk