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M A S T E R I N G   G E A R 

I am an audiophile and music lover at heart.  For my entire career I've reached for the best sounding gear I could possibly afford.   Starting with bookshelf speakers and  free software in late 90's, to today running state of the art gear. 

Listed below are my tools - my "paints and brushes" I create with.    My options span from pristine transparency to heavy analog vibe. 


What would you like to hear?


  • Barefoot Sound 

  • Audeze 

  • Grace Design 



  • Bricasti

  • Lavry

  • Prism Sound

  • Chord


  • Custom Crookwood Console. My 'mixing board" for these analog boxes:

  • AnaMod ATS-1

  • Pendulum OCL-2

  • Pendulum PL-2

  • Maselec MPL-2

  • Tube-Tech SMC-2B

  • API 2500

  • Langevin Mini Massive

  • Equi-Tech balanced power


  • Magix Sequoia and Samplitude

  • Weiss

  • Algorithmix

  • Universal Audio

  • FabFilter

  • DMG Audio

  • PSP Audioware

  • Softube

  • Acustica-Audio

The Stereophonic Mastering studio is curated for and operated solely by 
Timothy Stollenwerk

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