A R T I S T S   I   A M   P R O U D   T O   H A V E   W O R K E D   W I T H 

Honorable mention:  The Cedirc Burnside Project "Descendants of Hill Country"

2016 Grammy Nominated Blues Album Of The Year. 

3 Moons, 10 Million Lights, 75 Dollar Bill,


A Cautionary Tale, A Vision of Panorama, A Year Afar, A.M. Son, AA Bondy, AAN, Abba Gargando, Abbey Hendrix, Abdul Karim Khan, Abner Jay, Aboriginal Flowers, Abranis, Abronia, Acapulco Gold, Acid Farm, Adam Gandelman, Adam Taitano, Adele H, Adrian Orange, Adrian Teacher and the Subs, Advanced Base, Advantage:ProGrammar, Afous d'Afous, Africa Negra, Agrupamento da Ilha, Ah holly Fam’ly, Aimie Lovett, Aina Haina, Airport, Ajnabi, Alan Courtis, Alan Hsiao, Alan Lomax, Alan Wilson, Alder Street, Alek Barkats, Alela Diane, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Alexa Marmon, Alexander Search, Alexis Gideon, Ali Birra, Alialujah Choir, Alien Tango, Alkibar Gignor, Aloha Sarcophagus, Alphabetically, Alter Eagle, Alto!, Amadou Bintou Konte, Amanar, Amberstein, Amenta Abioto, Amos and Sara, Amps for Christ, Ancient Hearts, Ancient Heat, Andal Sukabe, Andrew Cosentino, Andrew Oliver Sextet, Andrew Ryan, Androids of Mu, Andy Aylward, Andy Cigarettes, Andy Fischer-Price, Angelo Spencer, Angries, Animal Running, Animals & Men, Ann-Marie Sanderson, Anna St. Louis, Anna Vo, Anna Wallis, Antlers, Anxious Colors (various), Apache, Appaloosa, Appendixes, Arbitrary Signs, Archimboldos, Are You Mad at Me?s, Ariel Pink, Arrange, Arrington de Dionyso, Arteries, Arthur Russell, Arty Bechtel, Arvo Part, Asa Irons, Ashleigh Flynn, Astaroth, At Dusk, Ataxia, Atlanta Industrial Sector, AU, Au Ras Au Ras, Audio Crip, Audios Amigos, Australian Sun, Auto Defenestration, Avenue Hearts, Aviation Weather


B_R_A_U_N, Baby Dollars, Backwater Fumes, Bad Channels, Bad Weather California, Bako, Balto, Baptist Arms, Barna Howard, Barone, Barry Brusseau, Bathysphere, Baywaves, Beach Fire, Bear & Moose, Beard, BEAST, Beat Rythm Fashion, Beautiful Mothers, Becky Kappell, Beguiling Isles, Bekoh Kerreng, Beliss, Bell Plaines, Bella Machine, Ben and Molly, Ben Michel, Bend Sinister, Beowulf, Bergerette, Big Black Cloud, Big Haunt, Big Pauper, Big Troubles, Billies, Bird and Rocket, Bishop Manning, Bishop Perry Tillis, Black Beast Revival, Black Bird Hour, Black Death, Black Static, Black Swans, Blackbird Hour, Blake Lyman, Blind Willie Johnson, Blitzen Trapper, Blood Beach, Bloodtypes, Bloodwall, Blue Cranes, Blue Giant, Bob Desper, Bobby Bare, Bobby Birdman, Bobby Peru, Bodikhuu, Bola Del Desierto, Bombay Beach, Bongo Joe, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Bonny Doon, Boogarins, Boom, Bottin, Bottle Tree, Boubacar Traore, Boudreaux, Box Set, Boy and Bean, Boyd Rivers, Boys Beach, Brack Cantrell, Brad Tillman, Brain Tilt, Brainfone, Brainphone, Brainstorm, Brandon Luedtke, Brandon Williams, Brave Julius, Brian Belknap, Brilliance Audio, Brittle Bones, Brizbomb, Brown Bums, Brown Recluse, Brownish Black, Brute Heart, Brz, Bubye, Buffie, Built To Spill, Burials, Burning Velvet, Business of Dreams


Caethua, Cains & Ables, Cait Olds, Caju, CAKE, Califone, California Stars, Camera, Camila Webb, Campfires, Captain Boy, Carcas Song Circle, Carela Baer, Carole King, Carrington MacDuffie, Cartridge, Carver Baronda, Casey Featherstone, Caspar Sonnet, Cassel, Casual Drama, Cat Doorman, Causual Hex, Cave, Cecil B DeMillis, Cecil Barfield, Cedric Burnside Project (Grammy nominated), Chalk Circle, Champ Disc, Charles Bernstein, Charles Maxton, Charles Powne, Charlie Sutton, Charts, Chato K.i.b.b’s, Chel White, Cheschi Ramos, Chime School, Chin Chin, Chooglin, Chores, Chris Marshal, Chrissy Tembo, Chromatics, Chrome Wings, Cian Nugent, Clams Casino, Claus Richter, Clew of Theseus, Clint Sargent, Cocktails, Collins, Colman, Color of Light, Come Holy Spirit, Commanche, Conjunto Equador, Conjunto Mindelo, Connan Mockasin, Connor Dodson, Conoley Ospovat, Conscience of Kings, Cookin Bag, Copy, Corrina Repp, Cory Dauber, Cotton, Count Vertigo, Country Teaser, Court Musicians of Isa, Courtney n' the Crushers, Courtney Spears, CQ, Crayonsmith, Crazy Dreams Band, Creepoid, Crime Wit, Crocodiles, Crying Princess of Burma, Crystals Slits, CTT, Culver, Cunt Bat, Current Joys, Cyril Cyril


Dad Works Hard, Dadamah, DADFAG, Daggerhands, Damien Jurado, Dan Baer (_____), Dan Sartain, Danava, Daniel Kroha, Daniel Menche (more than 30 albums together!), Danny Dodge, Danny Lubin-Laden,  Danny O’Brien, Danny Word, Dao Strom, Dark Sea Dream, Darrel Hughes, Dave Heatwave, David and Deidre, David First, David Holmberg, David Miranda, Davis Coen, Dax Riggs, De Mopti, Deacon, Dead Fingers, Dead like Dallas, Dead Man Gresham, Dead Moon, Dead Run, Deaf Center, Dean Johnson, Dear Janet (various), Death Songs, Debutants, Deelay Ceelay, Den, Denny Bixby, Denver, Derek Monypeny, Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek, Desert Noises, Design Distance Drift, Designer Gospel, Desire, Desolation Wilderness, Devin Flynn, Devon Williams, Diamond Rings, Diggory Kenrick & Tapes, Dim Dim, Dirty Beaches, Dirty Digits, Dirty Mittens, Dispossessed, Divino Nino, DJ Deep, Dmitry Distant, Don and the Quixotes, Don Juan Pligloso, Donovan, Dorio, Double Plus Good, Dove Armitage, Dove Azima, Dragging an Ox Through Water, Dramady, DRATS!!!, Dre The MC, Dreamboat, Dreamsalon, Dream Boat, Dream Phases, Driftin Woods, Drumattica, Drvg Cvltvre, Duna, Duncan Fellows, Dungeon and Woods, Duover, DV, Dylan Luster


E0, E*Rock, Eagle Kin, Eat Skull, Ebla Records, Echo Lake, Eddie and Ernie, Eddy Allen, Eden Express, Edward Mainwarning, Eelgrass, Egg Shell Production, Eggplant, Eliot Eidelman, Ella Jenkins, Ellen Werner, Elvis Orbison, Elymie, Emile Strunz, Emily Dix Thomas, End Quotes, Engine Farm, EOD, Erica Eso, Eric Copeland, Eric Deaton, Eric John Kaiser, Erotic Market, Estasy, Esther Suarez, Eternal Tapestry, Etran, Eureka Brass Band, Evan Myall, Evan Parker, Evan Thomas Way, Evening Meetings, EVO, Evolutionary Jass Band, Explode Into Colors, Extraordinary Mists, EZ Tiger, Ezra Carey, Ezza Rose,

Fagatron, Fake Hospital, False Sir Nicholas, Fan Mondine, Fantastic Palace, Far Brighter Day, Far Out Fang Tooth, Farah, Fashion Jackson, Fatigue, Fatou and Alamnou, Faustina Masigat, FELL, Fen Wik Ren, Feral Ward, Ferocious Eagle, Fils Capone, Fire In My Bones, First 5 Humbolt, Fleshtone, Flora, Florida UK, Fogust, Foley, Folk Blues Night Compilations, Fonzarelli, Foreign Orange, Forest Veil, Forever, Formica Man, Fort Jams, Fragments du Monde Flottant (Various), Francisco the Man, Frankofiliacs, Fred McDowell, Fred Ventura, Free Time, Free Weed, French Mohawk, French Quarter, French Vanilla, Fronds, Fruition, Fucking Lesbian Bitches, Funeral Parade, Future Shuttle, Fynbos,


Gabe Hascall, GAM, Garnet Tucan, Garret Linck, Garrett T. Capps, Gasper Nali, Gay Marriage, Gee's Bend Quilters, Geographic North, George McConnell, Georgia Sea Island Singers, Get My Gun, Ghost Memories, Ghost To Falco, Gin and Tillyanna, Glass Candy, Glorious Din, Gnawa Music, Goa Rap, Gold Bears, Gold Zebra, Golden From The Get Go, Golden Acres, Golden Bears, Golden Retriever, Goodnight Billygoat, Gordon Ashworth, Gospel Melodies, Gospel Sounds from Accra, Graeme Gibson, Grand Head, Grass Widow, Grave Command, Great Unwashed, Green Glass, Green Grass, Green Star, Grey Mouth, Grim Ritual, Group Bombino, Group Doueh, Group Inerane, Grouper, Guilty Ghosts, Guitars From Niger (various), Gulls, Gun Bunny, Gurdjieff, Gutters,



H-155, Hagar The Womb, Hairy Spider Legs, Haley Heynderickx, Half-handed Cloud, Hama, Hamish Macleod, Hammer of Hathor, Hang the Old Year, Hank IV, Happy Prescriptions, Harafin So, Harry Mary, Hartle Road, Hasil Adkins, Haste, Hausa, He Said, Hearts & Tigers, Heartwood, Heat Sureens, Heather Flores, Heavy Sweaters, Heavy Winged, Heidi Hull, Hekaya, Helen, Helen Chaya, Hellie Skells, Hello Nemwan, Hello Victor, Helvetia, Henry Dunkle, Herbcraft, Hermetic, Hermit Thrushes, Hey Lover, High Diving Horses, High Rise, Hole Class, Holy Mountain Records, Homo Wave Sailor, Hong Kong Banana, Hoodooed, Hooligan Ship, Hoops, Hope & Aria, Hornet Leg, Horse Cult, Hotegaia, Hounds Tooth, House of Angels, Hovercraft, How The Odd Get Even, Howie & The Hotknives, Humble Kind, Hungry Ghost, Hyooman,



I.S.A.M., Ian Drennan, Idaho Joe Windslow, Idassane Wallet Mohamed, Idol Fodder, Idrissa Soumaoro, IF, Illusione, Ilyas Ahmed, Imanigold, Immigrant Union, India Tigers in Texas, Inepsy, Inner Element, Inner Tube, Inside Voices, International Hello, Invisible Cinema, Invisible Homes, Iron Theater, Irreparables, IS, Isaiah Owens,

J. Blizz, J. Walter Weatherman, Jack Grace, Jack Inferno, Jack Joseph Band, Jack Oblivion, Jackie McDowell, Jacob Hannes, Jacob Miller, Jacques Pierre, Jagula, James Ferraro, James V, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Jan Steele, Janina Angel Bath, Jarad Miles, Jason McCormick, Jason Norman and the Red Hearts, Jason Spieth, Jayke Maddison, Jean Eric, Jeanines, Jef Brown, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Jerk, Jess Carson, Jessi Adele, Jet Fighter, Jib Kidder, Jim Mize, Jimbo Mathus, Jimi Was Gain, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Jimmy C and the Chelsea 5, JJS, Joaquin Lopez, Joe and Vicki Price, Joe E. Neubauer, Joel Jordan, John Amadon, John Andrews & The Yawns, John Askew, John C Savage, John Edelstein, John Hurt, John Jacob Niles, John Kelley, John King Cave, John Paul Keith, John Savage and Ken Ollis, Johnny Bertram and the Golden Bicycles, Johnny Hawaii, Johnny Jewel, Johnny Jones, Johnny Keener, Johnny X and the Groadies, Jon Caruso, Jordan Dykstra, Jordan Moser, Joseph Spence, Josh Hanson, Josh Rennie-Hynes, Josh White, Joshua Bouchard & Elspeth Reed, Juan Carpenter, Julian Lynch, Jumping Sharks, June Brides, Junk Ditch Road, Just Dessert, Justin Pittney, JWL B


K Records, Kaia, Kaiya On The Mountain, Kalululu, Kankan, Karen, Karl Blau, Katherine de Rosset, Katie Ekin, Keep Your Fork There's More, Kelli Schaefer, Kelsey Lindstrom, Kenny Brown, Kentucky Nightmare, Kevin Gordon, Kevin Morby, Kevin Myles Wilson, Key Losers, Kikagaku Moyo, Kim Gray, Kin Hana, King Clifton, King Cyst, Kinski, Kip Richardson, Klark Sound, KLS tHe NaTuRaL, Kommissar Hjuler, Kozue Matsumoto, Kylie Auldist,


L.O.K.O., La Big Vic, La Contra Ola, La Forza, La France, La Luz, La Pump, La Station Radar (various), La Triade, Laila Je T'aime, Landing, Landlines, Laura Dunn, Lavender Flu, Lax Cilla, Lazlow, Lazy Smoke, Lebenden Toten, Lee Hazelwood, Leisure LLC, Lerker, Les Filles De Illighadad, Levon's Helmet, Lewi Longmire, Lewlewal, Liam the Younger, Liam Kazar, Libretto, Lichens, Lida Husik, Light Brigade, Light House, Light In The Attic, Light Show, Like a Villain, Lilacs, Lilys, Linda Perhacs, Lindsay McCarger, Lineland, Link Wray, Linus Kyle, Litanic Mask, Lithics, Little Bob and the Lollipops, Little Claw, Little Howlin Wolf, Little Webs, Living Hour, Liz Vice, Lloyd & Michael, Lodetta, Loko, Long John Gone, Lorain, Lord Alba, Lords of Falconry, Lori Goldston, Los Angeles Police Department (band), Lost Sounds, Lota Leona, Lou Breed, Lou-Lou Hernandez, Love Bomb Go-Go, Love Chants, Lovecraft Bar (all comps), Lover Lips, Lovers, Lowell Thompson, Lubec, Luciernaga, Luka Productions, Luke Jackson, Lunar Grave, Luxury Mane,


M. Billy,  Moi J' Connais, M. Roosevelt, M.B. / Dedalia, Mack Allen Smith, Mackeson., Madalitso, Mae Powell, Magnetic Health Factory, Mahmoud Ahmed, Makaya McCraven, Malachi Graham, Malaikat dan Singa, Malicome, Mama Llama, Mamaki Boys, Mamane Sani Abdolilaye, Mamman Sani, Man About a Dog, Manatee, Mandarinaduck, Mandy Nougat, Mangled Bohemians, Maps on Fire, Marcella and her Lovers, Marias, Marika Papagika, Marisa Anderson, Marmalade Mountain, Marriage Records, Mars de Ponte, Martha Davis, Maryse Smith, Masahiro Takahashi, Mason Lindahl, Masonic Weird, Massage, Matt Carlton, Matt Heller, Matt Kivel, Matt McCormick, Matt Reid, Matthew Heller, Matthew Johnston, Mattress, Maya Deren, Mayhem String Band, Mazes, MCIV, Mdou Moctar, Meercaz, Meg Baird, Megan Yvonne & Andrew Oliver, Melodium, Melted Toys, Melville, Memories, Mercury Girls, Meril Wubslin, Metropolitan Farms, Mexican Hexagon, Mia Day, Michael Bruce, Michael Hurely, Michael Meeking and the Lost Souls, Michael Morely, Micheal O'Hara, Michael Osborn, Michael Osborn and the Drivers, Michael Sterling, Michael The Blind, Mick Thomas, Mick Thomas' Roving Commision, Midget Submarines, Midwinter, Mikayla Mcvey, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Mike Brandlow, Mike Coykendall, Mike Hanapi, Mike Payne, Mike Shiflet, Mike Simonetti, Mike Yun, Mikey Inderikey, Mild High Club, Million Brazilians, Mimi Naja, Mimicking Birds, Mini Blinds, Minoton, Minus My Thoughts, Mira Cook, Miracles Club, Mirah, Mirror Mountain, Misnoma, Miss Massive Snowflake, Miss Rayon, Mississippi Records (MR-012 to Present. Including all bootlegs), Mitch Gonzales, MO7S, Modern Kin, Mojave Bird, Mome, MOMI, Mono, Monopoly Child Star Searches, Moon By You, Moon Debris, Moon Duo, Moon Patrol, Moon Pine, Moon Women, Mope Gooves, Morning Teleportation, Morphine (Cure for Pain - vinyl), Mortal Clay, Motel Mirrors, Motorcoat, Motorhome, Mount Eerie, Mount Joy, Mountain Mirrors, Mr. Wrong, MSL, Mudlogger, Munch Munch, Murnau, Muzikalist, My Life in Black and White, Mystery Pills, Mystique


Naked Corpse, Naked Gods, Narwhal vs Narwhal, Nashboro Gospel, Natalie, Nate Wey, Nathaniel Talbot, Neal Morgan, Neelan Sandhu, Neglect, Nervous, Nervous and the Kid, Neutral Milk Hotel, Neutrals, Neverever, New Faultlines, New Move, New Not Normals, New Zoos, Nic Bullen (Napalm Death), Nicholas Krogovich, Nick Delffs, Nick Dewitt, Nickybob Shoulders, Nicole Mitchell, Nighttime, Night Collectors, Niilo Smeds, Nima Kazerouni, Nite Jewel, No Homo, Not Yeti, Note Killers, Nothing, Nucular Aminals, NuOhm Ra,


Oakhill #6, Oakland Afternoon Ensemble, Obsolete, Oceania, Ocular Concern, Oh Curious You, Oil Derek, Old Growths, Old Time Relijun, Old Turkery, Olden, Olga, Olima, Olina, On Parade, One Isle Over, One of You, Onion Balls, Onna, Ono, Opening The Digital Door, Operative, Opie, Ora Cogan, Orchestra 'A', Orchestre De Kayes, Orion’s Descent, Os Leonense, Os Untues, Other Moods, Ovando, Overton Berry Trio, Ozarks


P.J. Field, Pacific City Nightlife, Painted Shrines, Pal:ndrøm, Palamino, Pancake Breakfast, Pancho Morris, Pang, Papercuts, Parae, Pat Moon, Pataha Hiss, Pathogens, Patrinell Staten Wright, Paul Collins, Paula Sinclair, PC Worship, Peace Chord, Peel Dream Magazine, Pelican Ossman, Pentimenti, Perfect Buzz, Perlo, Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans), Peter Buck (of R.E.M.), Peter Field, Peter Hurteau, Peter J Brant, Peter Nolan, Peter Rainbeau, Phil Wilson, Pitch Gusman, Pity Fucks, Pixvae, Planes, Plankton Wat, Plastic Cactus, Pleasure Cross, Polaroids, Polymorphie, Pony Village, Popular Music, Porno Mags, Port St. Willow, Post Moves, Potpourri Pearls, Pre Nup, Prescription Pills, Privacy, Procedure Club, Project Nightscape, Prosperity, Psychedelic Speed Freaks, Psyco Mo’an Moli, Pull the Plug, Pulse Emitter, Pure Country Gold, Puritans, Purity, Puro Tayta Shanti, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Pwrfl Power, PWRHAUS



Quasi, Quemada, Quiet Life, Quiet Ones, Quinn Harris, Quixotes,

 R. Stevie Moore, Rabbit Foot, Rabbit Rabbit, Racheal Cain, Rachel Starshine Robinson, Radio Receiver, Rainwater, Ralf Youtz, Rambal Cochet, Ramblin' Andy John, Range Rats, Raymond Anderson, Rayon, Rebecca Marcyes, Rec Center, Red Dakota Revival Show, Red Herring, Red Ribbon, Reekers, Rehab, Rene Hell, Reply, Reporter, Residuals, Resin Hits, Retter, Rev. John Wilkins, Rev. Louis Overstreet, Reveille, Revenant Soundtrack, Reverb Records, Reverse Dotty, Richard DeVore, Richard Sears Trio, Richie Wohlfeil, River City Tan Lines, Rize n Fall, Roach Clip, Rob Dietrich, Rob Lowe, Rob Walmart, Robert Deeble, Robert Dinero, Robert Millis, Robert Turman, Robin Lemons, Robot Assassins, Role Mach, Romulus and Remus, Ron Burford, Rose City Band, Rosemont, Rosenbalms, Rosie’s Ghost, ROTFLOL, Roy Montgomery, Ruby Hill, Ruby Rhod, Running From The Law (various), Runo Lagomarsino, Rushadicus, Ry Warner, Ryan Oxford, Ryan Power,


S.E.A., S.O.C.A., Sacred Product, Sad Horse, Saharan Cellphones, Saints Game, Sam Coomes, Sam Jones, Sam Langhorn, Samson Stilwell, San Cha, Sandy's, Sangazuza, Sarah Dougher, Sarah Jane Moody, Sarah Wilson, Sarin Smoke, Satan is Busy in Knoxville, Saturdays, Satyr, Sávila, Saw Whet, Sax G, Scales, Scott Barber, Scott Goodwin, Screen Prints, Sculptured, Sea Blite, Sea Caves, Sean McCaul, Sean Pratt & The Sweats, Seance Crasher, Seattle Pure Dynamite, Sebastian Rogers, Secondary Man, Secondary Modern, Secret Century, Secret Drum Band, Secret Museum of Man Kind (vinyl reissue), Seekers International, Seratones, Service Fun, Set in Sand, Seth Nehil, Seven That Spells, Sex Crimes, SG, Shaky Hands, Shana Cleveland, Shannon Lay, Shannon McNally, Sharlene Rainford, Sharlet Crooks, She Said, Shelly Short, Shin Joong Hyun, Shine Life Shine Death, Shook Twins, Siberia, Sid Cooper, Sightlines, Silent Numbers, Sils Maria, Silver Daggers, Silver String, Simian Life, Simonetti, Sir Richard Bishop, Sirs, Sisters, Six Organs of Admittance, Skinny Kids, Sky2K, Skygreen Leopards, Skyway Man, Sleep Chamber, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Beauties, Sleepwalk Kid, Slender Gems, Slow Screams, Slow Teeth, Slumberland, Small Pox & The New Vaccine, Smith Western, Smokescreens, So What, Solid Gold, Songs on Conceptual Art, Sonic Fermentation, Soul Sega, Soul Swingers, Sourpuss, Souvenir Driver, Space Paladin, Spectre Folk, Spencer Clark, Spider John Koerner, Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Spirit Spine, Spirituals, Split Anchor, Spud Cannon, St. Love Revolts, St. Ranger, Staghare, Star Club, Starry Saints, State Rights Records, Steep Leans, Stefan Jecusco, Stefana Fratila, Steve Grady, Steve Harmon, Steven Lasombras, Still Caves, Stolen Airplane, Stone Eagles, Straight St. Group, Strands Of Oak, Strangeletter, Stranger Ranger, Strangled Darlings, Strategy, Street Hassle, Street Music of Java, Stringfellow, Su Wai, Subconcious, Sublime Frequencies, Sugar Candy Mountain, Sugarplum Fairies, Suicide Mike, Suicide Notes, Suishou No Fune, Sum Alvarinho, Sun Foot, Sunshine, Super Djata Band, SUPERBAD, Supervitesse, Surf Club, Surf Curse, Surgarplum Fairies, Susan Vaslev Music from Enchanted Forest, Swale, Swanifant, Sweet William's Ghost, Sylvie,


Ta Tash, Tabitha Lebec, Table Of Contents, Table Sugar, Takamba, Talbot, Talkies, Tamed West, Tango Alpha Tango, Tara Fox, Tara Jane O'neil, Tarzana, Tchotchkes, Teal Moss, Tecumseh, Teddy and the Rough Riders, Teeth, Temperature and Pressure, Ten Million Lights, Tender Age, Tennis Grunts, Terminal Twilight, Termination Dust, Terry Malts, Tess Brunet, Texas Express, Thai Funk Vols. 1 & 2 (light in the attic), Thanks, The Bad Mitten Orchestra, The Beast, The Bonds, The Bottle Cap Boys, The Brass, The Builders and the Butchers, The Buttshakers, The Cabin Project, The Caps, The Chambers, The Cherry Blossoms, The Cherry Bombs, The Chickenhawks, The Clean, The Colin Trio, The Condos, The Dandy Warhols, The Demons I knew, The Ex-Girlfriend's Club, The Fabulous 464s, The Funs, The Fur Coats, The Great Unwashed, The Hand to Man Band, The Harvest Season Band, The Hecks, The High Violets, The Hope Circuit, The Hope Singers, The Jewels, The Joe Blows, The Law, The Living, The Lodestones, The Lonesome, The Mantles, The Master Musicians of Joujouka, The Minus 5, The Moonshine, The Naming of Things, The Numbers, The Ohioan & Native Kin, The Old Married Couple, The Oregon Artificial Limb Co., The Outcome, The Parson Red Heads, The Perfect Band, The Pity Fucks, The Potions, The Quiet American, The Ransom, The Rats, The Renderers, The Reservations, The Resonars, The Righteous Province, The Scramblers, The Sea and Mother, The Seeds, The Social Lies, The Space Lady, The Spires, The Staple Singers, The Steven Lasombras, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, The Tamborines, The TiTS, The Van Rontens, The Verity, The Villains, The Violent Array, The Vitality Five, The Vonneguts, The Watery Graves, The Weeds, The Weeks, The Whines, The Young Eyes, Thee AHs, Thee Oh Sees, There's Pie, Thick Business, Thomas Function, Thompson Gunner, Through a Rebel Heart, Tiedye, Tim The Mute, Tin Hat Trio, Tiny das Neves, Tiny Knives, Tiny Tim, Tiris, TK & The Holy Know-Nothing, Tlahoun Gessesse, Tom Barber, Tommy Alexander, Tomutonttu, Tonality Star, Tony Bryte, Tradewinds (sound track), Travel, Tsembla, Tsurumi Records, Tu Fawning, Tulsa, Tumbledown, Tumblers, Tune Yards, Tunnels, Turtlenecked, Tweak Bird, Two Ton Sloth, Tyler Burns, Tyvek,



UC, Uke Of Spaces, Ulysses Pain, Unchained, Unconditional Love Collective, Unconventional Science, Underwoman and the Believers, Unified Field, Universe People, Unkle Funkle, Upsidedown, Ural Thomas & the Pain, Urban Wildlife,


Vacuum Showers, Valediction, Valet, Van Lavish, Vasa, Venus Court, Vermont Joy Parade, Vice Device, Vikesh Kapoor, Village of Spaces, Vintage Pulchritude, Violet Array, Violet Change, ViSes, Visitations, Vivid Sekt, Void Vision, VX Gas Attack,


Wallpaper, Walter Gavitt Ferguson, Wartime Blues, Washington Phillips, Water Lairs, Water Tower Bucket Boys, Water Wig, Wave Chase, Wax Edison, Wax Fingers, We Are Tom, We Like Cats, Wedding Blues, Wei Zhongle, Welcome Home Walker, Wet Trident, Wheedle's Groove, Which Way Does the Blood Red River Run, White Alps, White Fang, White Gourd, White Hills, White Rainbow, Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship, Wild Flesh Productions, Wild Kind, Wild Ones, Wilhem & Sons, Will Oldham, Will Watts, Will West, William Flower Collins, William Knott, Willie Mitchell, Wimeanacas Cambodian Band, Windy Bangs, Winter, Winter in the Blood, Wishiyunu, Wizard Attack, Wizards (soundtrack), WL, Wolfgang Seligo, Wood Lake, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Wooden Shjips, Woods, Woodsist, Woody Carr, Wool Cap, Woolen Men, Work, Wyrd War,




Y La Bamba, Y P U, Y.E.R.M.O, Yabba You, YACHT, Yarrows, Yarn Wire, Yata, Yellow Swans, Yeltsin, Yeti Publication, Yoji Minor, You Know Ono, Young Buffalo, Young Ecstatics, Young Hunting, Your Divine Tragedy, Yoyodyne, Yub, Yuichiro Fujimoto,


Zach VanBecelaere, Zebra Hunt, Zelienople, ZigZag Moon, Zipcode Rapists, Zoo, Zoviet France, 

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