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RESTORATION SAMPLES by Stereophonic Mastering

In addition to audio mastering, I offer complete audio restoration services. Audio restoration includes the reduction and removal of unwanted:

* tape hiss reduction / removal
* vinyl noise reduction / removal
* ticks, clips, pops, buzz reduction / removal
* de-essing
* disruptions like coughing during a live performance
* surgical editing and forensic recovery

The tools I use for restoration and editing are some of the best in the world. This includes the entire restoration suite by Algorithmix running in a Sequoia 11 workstation.

* NoiseFree
* ScratchFree
* ReNOVAtor
* K-Stereo
* Linear Phase PEQ Red
* Classic PEQ Blue,
* Linear Phase PEQ Orange
* Sequoia 11

THE PRICE FOR RESTORATION services vary depending on the severity of the source, and how clean you want the final result. Restoration work is billed at $90 per-hour, in twenty minute increments. I've restored many albums (Mississippi Records catalog) and work fast. Please contact for an estimate.

A load-in fee may apply if source material is captured in realtime. (non-cd audio or data source)




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